This Stylist Picked Real-Life Wedding Gowns For Our Fave Disney Characters, And It's Honestly So, So, So Spot On

"There was this weird phase from 2016–2020 where people sort of scoffed at the idea that brides wanted to look like princesses on their wedding day. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to not look like a princess, but I find it counterproductive to promote that idea by putting down brides who do," bridal stylist Kennedy — aka @gowneyedgirl — told BuzzFeed.

Divorced People Are Revealing The Red Flags On Their Wedding Day That Made Them Realize They Were Marrying The Wrong Person

"I felt nothing the day of the wedding. The night before, I didn't have butterflies, I wasn't excited, and I wasn't happy. The day of was just any other day... I remember looking down at the ring and thinking, 'This doesn't feel any different. I guess this is just what life is like now.' In retrospect, it felt like what I should do — what was expected of me — not what I wanted to do."

21 Toxic, Wild, And Messy Things In-Laws Did To Their Families — Like, Their Behavior Is Unacceptable

"The first time I met my future mother-in-law, she tried setting up my now ex-husband with another woman right in front of me. She made comments about how she always thought he would end up with someone who was a model — which I was not. Once we were married, she gave me acne medication as a Christmas gift. I didn’t have bad acne at all. She'd also come over and rearrange my dishes in the cupboards without me knowing until I opened the cabinet to get something. She had no concept of boundaries."

15 People Admitted How They Feel About Their Partners After They "Settled," And I Commend Them For Their Honesty

"He had all of the traits I wanted in a significant other, but I wasn't attracted to him. I tried convincing myself that it was because he's genuinely a good guy, but I was flat-out lying to myself. We'd kiss and I'd feel nothing. I didn't like him for who he was as a person — I liked him because he was convenient. Don't 'settle' — you don't have feelings for them for a reason."

31 Divorced People Who Knew On Their Wedding Day That They Made A Huge Mistake And Married The Wrong Person

"On our wedding day, one of his female friends turned up in hot pants, a crop top, and a necklace saying my husband’s name. Then, she got extremely drunk and said to all of my family that my husband was her third favorite man after her dad and her brother (this was in front of her own husband) and that I didn’t deserve him. After I told him how awful this made me feel, my husband didn’t tell her to stop, but instead said how sweet it was and how grateful he was to have her in his life."

21 Of The Most Selfish, Rude, And Messy Things In-Laws Did At Weddings — Like, You'll Be Fuming At These People

"My in-laws complained about things that we just honestly couldn’t afford to add (e.g., more flowers, more guests, a plated dinner, etc.). They have a lot of money and never offered to help in the areas they had complaints in — not that they were obligated to do so, but it made it hard to continually hear comments about how 'trashy' our wedding looked when we had a limited budget. I carried some shame walking into my wedding day, as if it was embarrassing to them and their friends and family."