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Woman holding husband's phone, accusing him of something

16 Women Who Were Totally Fed Up With Their Man-Baby Partners, And Had An Epiphany: "I Need Out Of This Relationship"

"I spent 15 years supporting him, his career, his kids from a previous relationship (all while running the house). There was no appreciation for any of it, and I started crumbling under the pressure. I needed to take time for myself, and started going to yoga and dinner with friends. Apparently, I was being selfish and unsupportive of him. I realized he didn't care about me as a person — only what I did for him."

Divorced People Are Revealing The Red Flags On Their Wedding Day That Made Them Realize They Were Marrying The Wrong Person

"I felt nothing the day of the wedding. The night before, I didn't have butterflies, I wasn't excited, and I wasn't happy. The day of was just any other day... I remember looking down at the ring and thinking, 'This doesn't feel any different. I guess this is just what life is like now.' In retrospect, it felt like what I should do — what was expected of me — not what I wanted to do."

"The Majority Of Us Saw Dysfunctional Relationships Growing Up": This Artist Is Using Illustration To Help Break The Cycle Many Millennials Find Themselves In

Illustrator Lainey Molnar has gained a following of over 1 million by sharing comics about dating, double standards in relationships, and learning to choose yourself. "When it comes to relationships, it's still very hard to swim against the stream. Women in straight relationships carry so much of the emotional labor, the unpaid domestic labor, and family logistics, while putting themselves last," she said.

Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City"

15 People Admitted How They Feel About Their Partners After They "Settled," And I Commend Them For Their Honesty

"He had all of the traits I wanted in a significant other, but I wasn't attracted to him. I tried convincing myself that it was because he's genuinely a good guy, but I was flat-out lying to myself. We'd kiss and I'd feel nothing. I didn't like him for who he was as a person — I liked him because he was convenient. Don't 'settle' — you don't have feelings for them for a reason."

31 Divorced People Who Knew On Their Wedding Day That They Made A Huge Mistake And Married The Wrong Person

"On our wedding day, one of his female friends turned up in hot pants, a crop top, and a necklace saying my husband’s name. Then, she got extremely drunk and said to all of my family that my husband was her third favorite man after her dad and her brother (this was in front of her own husband) and that I didn’t deserve him. After I told him how awful this made me feel, my husband didn’t tell her to stop, but instead said how sweet it was and how grateful he was to have her in his life."